Moises Acevedo, PA


Moises Acevedo, PA

Physician Assistant

Moises Acevedo began his medical career working as a 911 FDNY Paramedic and was on active duty for over 7 years saving many lives and helping many in dire situations. He had a desire to continue to serve his community and decided to attend the Sophie Davis School of Bio-Medicine at City College in hopes to become a Physician Assistant. After graduating at the top of his class in 2013, he quickly found himself working in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine in clinics across Queens and at Northwell Hospital of Forest Hills. He later went on to extend his knowledge in medicine by training in Orthopedics and Pain Management.

After 7 years as a certified Physician Assistant , Moises found his calling in the field of dermatology where he uses all his medical acumen and surgical skills to bring the best of what medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology has to offer. A diplomat of The Society of Dermatologic Physician Assistants, Moises has extensive training in the latest techniques in cosmetic procedures and facial fillers.

Mr. Acevedo is a happily married father of four children and an avid boxer. When he's not caring for his beloved patient's or rearing his four kids with his lovely wife, he can be found in the ring taking on his opponent s with mental prowess and physical dexterity.

Working here at ADA provides me the gratification of working with a well rounded staff and working with patients that are diverse in age and culture. I could not put into words how rewarding it truly is when I see a patient's skin condition resolve and the smile on their face.

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