Pumpkin Spice Skincare Recipes You'll Love

With the summer fading and fall approaching, pumpkin products are more popular than ever. Pumpkin might be popular in your coffee, muffins, and candles, but did you know? It also has a ton of benefits for skincare.

Let’s make our own natural skincare products to get in the fall spirit with pumpkin! It’s is a perfect choice for its antioxidants, zinc, and potassium. It can also help fight sun damage, wrinkles, and redness, as well as keep skin moisturized. This week, we’ve developed three recipes that you can make at home that utilize all of the pumpkin’s natural benefits.

Pumpkin Face Mask



This face mask is a superhero for your skin. To make it, we will add pumpkin and coffee grounds to our bowl followed by brown sugar (to act as an exfoliant). Caffeine in the coffee grounds reduces puffiness and inflammation, making this perfect if you routinely wake up with bags under your eyes!

Then, add some moisturizing, wrinkle-fighting egg. Those with normal or dry skin can add some honey for moisture, and for those who have oily skin, apple cider vinegar will help clear it up! If you want a little more acne-fighting power, a teaspoon of cinnamon can help dry out breakouts.

This mask can get a little messy, so put on an old t-shirt before applying. After fifteen minutes, rub the mask away with a clean washcloth. Wash your face and apply skincare products as normal, then enjoy your fresh complexion!

DIY Pumpkin Body Scrub

Exfoliating once a week keeps your skin smooth, reduces unsightly blemishes like ingrown hairs and cellulite, and is a great way to ensure your skincare absorbs into pores better than usual.

This scrub is a powerhouse, with the pumpkin and brown sugar working together to exfoliate. Alpha-hydroxy acids in the pumpkin help make the brown sugar more effective than on its own, while small amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg act as an anti-inflammatory treatment.


Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Use immediately!

Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm

Packed with pumpkin moisturizing properties, this chapstick will keep your lips moist in fall weather. It smells just like pumpkin pie!


Bring a pot of water to simmer on the stove. Add coconut oil, wax pellets, pumpkin puree, and vanilla extract into a glass measuring cup. Carefully place in the simmering water, and stir everything together until melted and smooth.

When smooth, stir in the pumpkin spice, and then pour into tins or tubes. Allow it to harden by letting it sit overnight! This recipe makes about 2 tubes of lip balm, so it’s easy to double or even triple if you want to make a larger batch!

Trying out pumpkin-themed recipes is a fun way to celebrate fall. You can even get together with your friends for some self-care! If you do this, make sure to post it on Instagram using #citydermselfcare so we can see!

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