How Microneedling Renews Your Skin

Heard about microneedling, but not sure what it means? We’ve got a quick explanation that we think will take you from on the fence to biggest fan in no time flat!

Microneedling is a form of skin rejuvenation therapy. The procedure uses tiny needles to stimulate collagen production at deep levels in your skin by using microscopic "pinpricks". It can offer several benefits including reduced fine lines & wrinkles; increased elasticity; smoother texture, and improved pigmentation.

Here’s the cool thing: your body can’t differentiate between a small pinprick and a larger cut, so it immediately deploys its defense mechanisms that strengthen the skin, making the skin tougher and producing more collagen. The result of this natural response is long-lasting, younger-looking skin, fading scars, and smaller pores.

How does microneedling work?

First, your skin will be gently cleansed with a soothing face wash. Afterward, to ensure that you are completely comfortable during the procedure, a numbing cream will be applied. It will take 10-20 minutes to take effect, after which serum will be applied all over your face.

Then, your dermatologist will use a microneedling pen across your face to help the serum reach deeper layers of the skin. Afterward, the dermatologist will apply another layer of serum, and a mask on top of that.

For most, microneedling is a largely painless experience! The only side effects are sunburn-like redness that fades within a few days, leaving behind skin that looks healthy and renewed.

Who is a good candidate for microneedling?

Microneedling is a great option for those seeking to fight the signs of aging and its effects, but it can work wonders on acne scars as well. Since there are no chemicals involved with this procedure, it is safe for most skin types and colors, and you might even find that you have smaller pores after the procedures. 

There are a few skin conditions that aren’t a great fit for microneedling. Those with rosacea, active breakouts, or eczema might need to skip the procedure. If you’re interested in microneedling and have these conditions, talk to your dermatologist, who may be able to provide alternatives if your skin is too sensitive.

What does microneedling aftercare look like?

Your face will be tender for a bit after the procedure, so make sure to keep it moisturized. You should also avoid using any products that could irritate, like retinol-based treatments, glycolic acid exfoliants which can peel away dead cells on the top layer of the epidermis (your outermost protective barrier), and salicylic acid.

Where should I get a microneedling treatment?

If you're looking for a painless experience with safe skin treatments, then it's best to have your microneedling done by a dermatologist. Many spas offer the treatment, but some choose not to use serum or even numbing cream, and that can make for an unpleasant experience.

Here at City Derm, we focus on your safety and comfort. Schedule a consultation with our experts today. We’ll answer any questions or concerns because when it comes down to looking good-we're in this together!

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