Get Your Autumn Skin Ready

The days are getting shorter, which means less time for your skin to breathe. The lack of humidity can cause rashes and dryness that may be tough to shake off! Thankfully though, we've got some tips on how Autumn-proof your skin! 

Protecting against dry skin

Moisture is vital for both our body and face. After the air cools, humidity drops, and you're more likely to turn on your heater which can dry you out! To avoid this, try switching up moisturizers by choosing a body cream with moisture-attracting humectants in it, as well as an oil-based facial cream or lotion at night time before bed. 

Moisturize your skin from the inside and out! Make sure you're drinking enough water, and add a humidifier in the bedroom or office if necessary. That will help keep your skin in tip-top shape! 

Exfoliate to keep skin glowing

After months of fun in the sun, your skin will need some TLC to get back into its normal state. If you notice that it looks dull or if patches of hyperpigmentation appear, then exfoliate away those dead cells with an at-home exfoliant. (Just don't scrub too hard - you could do some damage!)

If you want to treat yourself to something a little extra, you can schedule a chemical peel or microdermabrasion with your dermatologist. A professional exfoliation treatment will give you just a little extra glow! 

Got acne? Get some oil-free moisturizer.

Acne-prone skin is easy prey for the winter blues. Waking up with dry patches and flaky patches can be such a bummer, especially when you're not feeling your best! So how do we make sure these symptoms don't show up? 

Acne-prone skin can be left feeling tight and uncomfortable when the lower humidity is combined with astringent treatments. Please switch to a heavier moisturizer, but make sure it's oil-free! 

Keep Fall allergies at bay.

The changing seasons can trigger an allergic reaction in your skin. How do you know if pollen from plants like ragweed and mold is making you sick? During the fall months, those with seasonal allergies may experience redness, itching, or other symptoms. First things first: install an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Another easy way to protect yourself? 

Keep your windows closed off, so there's less pollen coming inside-and; remember: wash hands after going outside every time just for good measure!

Ready to fall-proof your skin but don't know where to start? We can help! Get in touch today so our team members will make sure your fall skincare routine is flawless! Fall is just around the corner, and we want you to look your best. 

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