Eczema Treatment


Eczema refers to a red rash that can appear over various parts of the body. In the majority of cases, eczema can cause an itchy or burning sensation. Babies, children, and adults are all susceptible for developing this skin condition, however, the symptoms tend to diminish or become less serious as you transition into adulthood. Eczema cases vary in degree of severity from person to person so it is important to be treated based on your particular circumstances. Our medical group, led by Dr. Lawrence Jaeger at Advanced Dermatology Associates is prepared to offer you the unique Eczema treatment you deserve.

If you have eczema, consider searching for the following products that have received the seal of approval from the National Eczema Association:


For same day appointments regarding your customized eczema treatment plan, contact our team at Advanced Dermatology Associates. We can be reached at the following numbers:

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