6 Winter Skincare Tips You Need Today

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting more frigid, and chances are the cold is causing you to do more than shiver and reach for the hot chocolate. The season of chapped lips, tight, dry skin, and cracked knuckles is upon us! 

If you want to learn how you can winter-proof your skin, we've got some guidance that will keep you in tip-top condition!

Care for dry, cracked hands

As the wind becomes freezing, your hands are at a very high risk of becoming chapped. Particularly now, as we use more hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in the wake of COVID-19, you may find yourself the victim of bleeding knuckles and red, chapped hands. To control this, look for a moisturizing and antibacterial soap. You can additionally protect your hands by using hand lotion before going to bed and sealing it in by wearing some natural-fiber gloves. Do this to help repair your skin's protective layer and get your hands feeling better after a couple of days.

Indulge in a facial

Your skin can be dryer in the winter months and often seems dull. Schedule a routine facial about once a month to get back to your usual glow. Four weeks is about the time it takes for your skin to go through its regular growth cycle, so choosing a professional exfoliating treatment or a chemical peel each month can give you a little bit of a summer shine, even in the dead of winter!

Drink in moderation

The holidays have plenty of social outings: dinners, parties, and family gift exchanges are perfect chances to unwind a little and have some fun. They also usually offer plenty of adult beverages, but there's a reason not to overdo it on the eggnog.

Alcohol is naturally drying, and ingesting too much can cause inflammation and make any skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis much worse. It can also upset your sleep, contributing to winter skin dullness. Restrict yourself to only one or two glasses, and make sure you stay hydrated!

Keep your lips from getting chapped

Chapped lips are one of the most aggravating winter skin issues! Make sure you keep a medicinal lip balm on your lips at all times and make sure you don't lick them because licking chapped lips can aggravate them. If you're spending time outdoors, opt for a balm that doubles as sunscreen - lips are susceptible to sunburn even in the cold.

Tweak your skincare routine

If you find yourself reapplying lotion a few times a day in the winter, you probably need to give your skincare routine a minor tweak. Consider switching your moisturizer for a thicker, creamier formula, and if you suffer from dry skin all year long, swap an oil-based cleanser.

Professional skincare treatments are your friend

Winter is the ideal time to pamper yourself with professional skincare, like laser treatments or peels. It can be riskier to get these kinds of treatments in the summer because increased sun exposure can lead to post-procedure hyperpigmentation, so make sure you benefit from those grey winter days and arrange for a New Years' procedure for a New You!

The days are cold, but your skin doesn't have to be dull! If you are interested in planning a procedure to usher in 2022, contact us today. Our experienced dermatologists will respond to any questions you may have and equip you with a personalized plan to get you to your ideal complexion!

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