6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Skin

Achieving great skin deserves attention and care, but it isn't always easy. Some of us have blemishes; others face dryness or sensitivity to scents in skincare products. Fortunately for everyone--regardless if you're sensitive- there are habits that most people with glowing complexions practice at home! Here they are:

1.  Get enough sleep

Sleep is the time when our bodies repair themselves, but did you know that it also improves your skin? In fact, recent studies have shown that those who sleep longer have healthier and better-looking skin. In fact, sleep is SO crucial to the condition of your skin that even just one night without sleep can make your skin look dryer, greyer, and more unhealthy.

You can buy any moisturizer in the world, but if you're not getting enough sleep it's just going to sit on top of your face.

2.  Have a spa night

It's too easy to forget about your skin when you're stressed or tired. So grab some time off, add in a sheet mask for your skin type, and take a break with your favorite show or podcast.

Stress can make your skin worse and age you prematurely. If you want to maintain the health of your looks, then make time for relaxation--you won't regret it!

3.  Work out for skin health

It's true what they say: working out isn't just for fitness. It also helps improve your skin! It’s like the best-kept secret for skincare because when you exercise your body carries vital nutrients that help active cells keep our complexions fresh and bright!

4.  Apply sunscreen liberally

There's nothing more important than protecting your skin from the sun. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of early aging and cancer, so even if it’s sunny outside don't skip out on sunscreen! Keep an easy-to-use sunscreen spray by your door for when you forget!

5.  Your skin is what you eat.

The foods you eat can have a dramatic effect on your skin's appearance. Our bodies produce collagen and keratin which help protect the cells in our body, but when these nutrients are missing, wrinkles will form more easily and you’ll see thinner skin that damages more easily. 

6.  Hydrate

Try this new habit: drink a glass of water first thing every morning. Thirsty skin is wrinkled skin!

It’s hard to get enough water, so consider buying a water bottle and keeping it with you all the time. Having the bottle nearby will make it easier to remember to drink the amount you need. If you struggle with the taste of water, then try keeping some flavor packets with you as well. The most important thing is staying hydrated!

Good skin starts from the inside out! Which of these steps will you start with? If you need some advice on how to improve your skincare, contact get in touch with us today for a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.

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